SMP Montage undertakes mechanical construction and module installation for  new Danish solar park with nominal output of 17 MWp approx.

After just seven and a half weeks of construction, one of the few large scale PV parks in Denmark started feeding into the grid as scheduled. The mechanical construction and module installation for the facility on the Jutland peninsula were carried out by northern Germany based SMP Montage. Construction for the ground mounted solar park had started on 3 October 2016.

A complex foundation structure custom-built for the new Farvang facility holds the park’s approximately 68,500 solar modules. It was specially developed to take into account the  condition of the Jutland ground, adding stability to the sandy terrain so that the piles for the new facility could be anchored securely for the long term. The mounting system, which was co-developed with the PV park’s investors, bears the distinct hallmarks of SMP’s Technical Director Marc-Bernd Schipper who, as a matter of principle, leaves nothing to chance where mechanical construction is concerned.

„The heathy soil of the Jutland peninsula is quite uneven, and not that easy to work with. We had to anticipate the approximate deformation characteristics of the whole frame as closely as possible to counteract them efficiently,“ Schipper explains. Not only did SMP Montage contribute significantly to the statics of the mounting system but to its finalisation too – a guarantor for security and longevity of the park’s foundation.

The new Farvang facility near Silkeborg is the latest project of renowned Danish EPC ATSolar Aps, with head offices near the Flensburg Fjord, for whom SMP Montage has been building solar parks for many years. To date, the Kiel based company has completed five parks with a nominal output of approximately 1 MWp each for ATSolar. Furher projects are due to follow.

The new solar installation is expected to produce an annual power output of 16.5 GWh per year. This is equivalent to the electricity consumption of about 4,400 households.

About SMP Montage:
SMP Solar Montage und Planungsgesellschaft, or SMP Montage for short, is a specialist engineering service provider for the global solar industry.

Since 2008, the German company with offices in Kiel and Hamburg has been supplying the full range of construction services for large-scale PV projects of 100 kW and more – from site preparation and site set-up to excavation and civil engineering, from mechanical construction and frame assembly to electrical installation and cabling of solar modules to

site management and construction logistics.The assembly process for maximum area utilisation in standalone PV parks, which has now been adopted as standard across the industry, was co-developed by SMP co-founder and Technical Director Marc-Bernd Schipper in 2007.

Between 2012 and 2015, SMP Montage recorded an annual growth rate of 51 per cent. Accordingly, German magazine FOCUS presented SMP Montage with their FOCUS Wachstumschampion 2017 award, recognising them as one of the 500 German companies with exceptional growth rates.

SMP has been a long-standing realisation and innovation partner for leading European EPC service providers such as Solarcentury, ibvogt, and Conergy. In the summer of 2016, the total nominal output of projects completed by SMP was over 800 MWp.

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