The SMP Montage Grid Conference in Hamburg came to an end on Thursday under the motto “Power Purchase Agreements: the Future”. The North German solar construction specialist had invited selected EPCs, decision makers and trade journalists from six countries to discuss the current market development in Europe in light of expiring subsidy programmes. The renowned climate researcher Prof. Volker Quaschning gave the keynote speech on energy transition and climate protection.

 Around 70 participants came together for the international discussion forum for current developments within the solar industry at German celebrity chef Tim Mälzer’s “Bullerei” studio. PPAs and the fossil fuel phase-out, legal aspects of long-term electricity supply contracts and PPA best practice for the Spanish market were among the presentation topics.

“We are currently seeing how drastically PPAs are changing the solar markets in Europe,” says Michael Manfred Fischer, CEO of SMP Montage. “When state subsidies expire, PPAs will be the basis for the economic viability of large-scale PV plants’ continued operation. Meticulous PPA drafting is therefore a must, whether EPC, operator or offtaker. That’s why there was such a heated discussion at the Grid Conference.”

The keynote speech “Energy Transition and Climate Protection – Let’s do it better than Trump!” by renowned climate researcher Volker Quaschning from the HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences particularly ensured lively exchange among the participants. “A climate-sensitive industry like ours simply has a heightened focus on the problem,” says Fischer, “it’s not just a question of superficial issues such as yield optimisation, but of ensuring sustainability, and we all need to be involved in this.”

List of topics from the SMP Grid Conference 2019:


Energy Transition and Climate Protection – Let’s do it better than Trump! by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Quaschning, HTW Berlin  University of Applied Sciences

Discussion panel:    PPAs in Europe (Christian Ahrens, Aquila Capital; Jens Leiding, Orsted Markets GmbH; Ilker Aksoy, Prysmian Group)

Other lectures:

  • What’s the fossil fuel phase-out got to do with your PPA? (Carlos Perez-Linkenheil, Energy Brainpool GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Legal aspects of long-term electricity supply contracts (PPA) as an instrument of post-EEG marketing (Tobias Röttger, lawyer, LL.M.Eur)
  • PPA Best Practice: Spain (Dietmar Geckeler, denersol)
  • Fixed vs. Tracker (Jasper Frenzel, SMP Solar Montage & Planungsgesellschaft mbH)