Solar assemblies are our core area of expertise. Plus: all associated services, right until turnkey handover

SMP Montage constructs solar parks on any terrain – whether it is a disused airfield, agricultural land, former quarry, slag heap, industrial site or former landfill site. Our installation specialists, technical staff and engineers are familiar with every last detail of the complexities involved in large-scale solar sites: We ensure that the preparation, excavation, ramming, construction and assembly are all completed seamlessly, professionally and punctually, so that the facility is ready to be put into operation with no delays. If necessary, we can develop customised solutions for our clients directly on site, including individually designed frame constructions or the production of customised components. Large and complex PV installations simply require more expertise.

After a thorough analysis of the terrain and having obtained all the necessary soil surveys, the area is prepared for the future construction phase of the solar park. Our teams clear and level the terrain, ensure access to the entire area and set up all the necessary access routes. We conduct a ramming test to determine the ideal foundation for the solar park. In order to position the ramming point correctly, we use GPS and cutting-edge laser measuring equipment to measure the terrain.

We organise the set up of the office and construction containers on site, install the necessary welfare facilities, ensure that the site is supplied with general service and process water and set up the general electricity supply for the site. In addition, we set up all fencing and gate systems to protect against theft, vandalism and wild animals.

From creating the site regulations to the safety protocol, from coordinating all work an material flows to the seamless documentation of all stages, we take on the full site management and logistics on the solar park construction site. Our specialists coordinate the use of materials, machinery and manpower and take care of the ongoing and final adjustments, as well as the disposal of waste, in order to avoid causing a fire hazard.

Using a highly precise set-up matrix, we undertake all the necessary excavation and civil engineering work required on site. Depending on the site properties, we can carry out the ramming or drilling work for the uprights, or insert special screw piles into the substrate. During the cable-laying phase, we will dig all necessary trenches and lay the appropriate cable ducts.

Mechanical solar assemblies are our core area of expertise. Once the uprights are in place, a suitable substructure for the ideal positioning and support of the solar modules is constructed. In doing so, our engineers not only take into account the characteristics of the terrain, but also the future wind and snow loads at the location of the plant site. If necessary, we can also develop individual construction solutions, manufacture parts or install a suitable tracking system. Once this is done, the installation of the PV modules can start: The modules are slotted into the frames, secured and then hooked up to the cabling system.

When cabling the AC/DC supply, we take care of all electrical installation work for the PV solar park. This includes setting up the data cables as well as the string cabling and the stowing and ideal configuration of the power inverters.

Upon request, SMP Montage may, acting as an EPC service provider, take on all work that is necessary for the planning and construction of a new solar power station or to successfully complete a major PV project that is already under way. The financial strategy of our company is aimed at sustainability and stability. As a result, we are in a position to be able to offer pre or interim financing during the construction phase.

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